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Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Welcome to the 2024 Registrations!

This process will register you:

  • as a member of Seacliff Calisthenics Club and as a participating member of the Calisthenic Association of SA.


  •  for non participants, as an approved volunteer in your elected or appointed role.

All NEW participating members must register before their 3rd lesson to continue with classes.

You can view our annual  fees here.  Fees are adjusted on a pro rata basis for new full member registrations.

SA Government Sports Vouchers

Submit your Sports Voucher online with your registration - no hardcopy form required.


1. Click on the appropriate member type button below - New or Returning member.

2. Choose your membership type

  • Temporary Membership: This is for Recreational Saturday morning participants ONLY who are registering for a school term. Temporary membership covers periods between fixed dates (e.g. similar to school terms) 
    • Temporary members will then need to purchase a term Recreation Class from the Classes tab on the website or by following the link in their welcome email. Classes package must be purchased prior to week 3 attendance. 
  • Full Membership:  
    • Recreational Saturday morning participants who are registering for the full year (terms 1-4).
    • All other participating members
    • All volunteer positions including non participant coaches

3. Select your registration category 

  • Participating coaches must register in the participant category and not the coaching category 

4. Complete or update all required fields

  • New Members will need to answer the questions in order as this will either prompt further questions or hide those that will not apply based on your previous responses..
  • Returning members need to check the pre-entered data to ensure it is correct or make any changes as necessary. 
  • If you make an error and put a wrong response you may need to refresh your browser page or prompting or hiding (as above) will not occur.

5. Confirm Registration

6. Proceed to Payment (payable by card only, *additional fees apply) 

Your card details are not stored

*revolutioniseSPORT and Pin Payments fees are charged on top of the registration amount. These will be displayed on a further screen. 



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