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Seacliff Calisthenics Club has a proud history spanning a period approaching  seventy years, offering a friendly welcoming atmosphere, a wonderful club spirit with emphasis on fun, fitness and friendship. Did you know Seacliff is one of only five remaining original calisthenic clubs in SA?

Calisthenics as an art encourages physical development, coordination, self discipline and team spirit, developing an appreciation of music and rhythm with the excitement of presenting on stage.

Our sport comprises of marching, gymnastics, simplified ballet, rod twisting, club swinging, modern jazz and folk dancing choreographed to music and performed in a team.

Starting as young as three, children progress through progressive age sections as they grow older, gaining experience and confidence to eventually become our Seniors who are eighteen years or over.

Calisthenics is a uniquely Australian sport which helps to develop discipline of mind and body, team work, a competitive spirit and a sense of commitment



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